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Stay up to date with what's happening in Search and AI. Each week I write a whole bunch about the things I found to be important, interesting and helpful for my friends in the SEO industry. Hope you find it helpful!

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If you can't log into's not you, it's me

What was I thinking launching a new platform for my paid newsletter right before travelling? If you are a paid newsletter subscriber and you're trying to access my new, Marie's Thoughts, it turns out you actually can't. Augh! For now, you can read this week's episode...
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3 days ago • 1 min read

Updates galore. Core update is done. A new helpful content update is running. Episode 304 of Search News You Can Use

Hi everyone, Welcome again to my new newsletter format. The whole newsletter is in this email now. You don't need to go to my website, but if you want to you can read the newsletters here. A note re paid subscriptions: My paid subscribers now get a new weekly newsletter instead of extra content:...
4 days ago • 12 min read

Advice for improving content quality for a site impacted by a core update. Marie's thoughts, Ep. 2

Hi! In this episode of Marie's thoughts, which, if you've missed it, is the new name for the paid subscriber content, I've shared my advice for improving for a site that was strongly impacted by the March Core Update. I'll share how we have decided to work on better understanding and meeting user...
7 days ago • 9 min read

My thoughts on the changes in the September 2023 update to the helpful content system

Hi everyone, I put together a blog post on the latest changes as this update rolls out. Some seem significant to me.​ Here's Claude's summary of my article: Google now factors in helpfulness of content on subdomains when...
8 days ago • 1 min read

🚨New Helpful Content Update from Google🚨

Hello Reader, Just as we're learning about the changes the August Core Update ushered in, Google has released a new update to the helpful content system. Here's what I've noticed has changed in Google's helpful content documentation: They've changed the opening paragraph to say, "content written...
9 days ago • 1 min read

The latest on Gemini | Changes to Merchant Center in GSC | Community observations on August Core Update

Search News You Can Use. Ep. 303 View online​ Hello everyone! Hope you like this new version of newsletter. Instead of reporting on everything that’s happening in SEO, I’ve covered the bits I found most interesting and important for the industry to know. It’s still a lot! I’ve shared below about...
11 days ago • 16 min read

Let's talk about Google's AI keynote this week. Episode 302: Sep 5, 2023

I'm making some big changes to newsletter! Let me tell you why. I've been writing a lot lately about producing content that meets the needs of your audience and adds original, insightful information to the body of knowledge that's on the web already. It made me think about my own writing. I love...
18 days ago • 8 min read

Early thoughts on the August core update - and common questions asked - Episode 301 web version is live

Hello Reader, I was so tempted to make this week's episode redirect somewhere else. Episode 301 already! After months of waiting, we finally have another core update. So far, we have not seen much movement, but it is early. In this episode I’ve shared what we are seeing so far as well as answered...
25 days ago • 1 min read

🚨A new core update is live🚨

Finally, Google announced a new core update - the August 2023 core update. The last core update we had was March. A few things to know: Core updates represent Google introducing changes to their systems to better determine which content is likely to be relevant and helpful. It is not a penalty....
about 1 month ago • 1 min read
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