Early thoughts on the August core update - and common questions asked - Episode 301 web version is live

published25 days ago
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Hello Reader,

I was so tempted to make this week's episode redirect somewhere else. Episode 301 already!

After months of waiting, we finally have another core update. So far, we have not seen much movement, but it is early. In this episode I’ve shared what we are seeing so far as well as answered some questions I’ve been asked about core updates recently.

This week’s Search off the Record podcast was all about Google updates. I’ve shared my notes. There are some GA4 tips including how to see organic visits to a particular URL and how to compare hourly sessions which is handy while an update is rolling out! I’ve shared a bunch of recent SGE screenshots. The ones that show it answering recent news queries are interesting. And as always, I’ve covered the most recent and interesting AI news.

Subscriber content this week:

  • Did you know that the “helpful content questions” originated as Panda questions?
  • Main content - it’s not what I originally thought. I’ve written a fair amount about a revelation I had about what the QRG says about “main content.” This is incredibly important.

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Oh yeah, my new community is unfolding really well. I would love to have you join us. This link will get you into the general discussion area where you can read through the latest stories and interesting things I’ve posted about regarding Search.

The discussion area where members can post about Search, AI and ask questions about your site is a separate paid, private area. In the last few days we’ve had some great discussions.


Buy my helpful content workbook ($150) - This will help you understand user intent and create content that is most helpful for searchers, which is what Google wants to reward with their systems. If impacted by the core update, this will help you.

Buy my Quality Raters' Guidelines workbook (a few years old, so the prices is reduced to $20)​

I'm booked for the next few weeks for site reviews, but plan to be opening up more options soon. My calendar for consulting calls is booked for now. I may open up some more spots soon. Stay tuned.

Hope you have a great week!


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