If you can't log into newsletter...it's not you, it's me

published3 days ago
1 min read

What was I thinking launching a new platform for my paid newsletter right before travelling?

If you are a paid newsletter subscriber and you're trying to access my new, Marie's Thoughts, it turns out you actually can't. Augh!

For now, you can read this week's episode here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sQO4SyIE3xvyJuzyRn8PibZeABnTn61JK4kmsrwZFDc/edit

I'm at Pubcon Austin this week. While I'm here I'm working on solutions. I thought I could add my list of paying subscribers to my paid product on Convertkit, but alas, no.

I will figure it out! But it may take me some time.

Also...while I'm here...Bard has updated and it's a big one. It can now draw on Youtube and Maps where helpful, and connect with Docs and more. This sounds like a big update!

Thanks again for putting up with my changes!


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