SGE while browsing the web - Lots of sites with traffic losses Aug 8 (related to FAQ's?) | The web version of Episode 300 is live.

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Hello Reader,

This was an interesting episode to write. We have to be due for a significant Google update soon.

There’s a new AI feature from Google: SGE while browsing will show SGE results in a sidebar in Chrome.

There are some strange ranking and traffic changes August 8, 2023, perhaps related to FAQ’s? John Mueller said in recent office hours that good technical SEO is not enough when it comes to ranking – you also need good content, experience, reputation and more. Also, the latest on Gemini, Life advice from your Google assistant, AP standards for AI use, how I view Google organic traffic in GA4 and a lot more.

Paid Subscriber content this week:

This week's subscriber content has over 1700 words on the following:

  • Thoughts on reputation / popularity with a deep dive into the QRG
  • Using ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter to deeply analyze reviews
  • Can adding words about the author’s E-E-A-T to a title help with rankings?
  • The quality raters' needs met scale

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